Prerequisites, Requirements, and Application Process

Students may apply for entry into the Kentucky Bridge to a Biomedical Doctorate for Appalachian Students MS program in either the Fall or Spring semesters. Applicants should have at least one year of biology (cellular and/or molecular biology are highly recommended) and one year of general chemistry (one year of organic chemistry and one semester of biochemistry are highly recommended). Applicants should meet the following requirements for admission into the Graduate School and the MS in Medical Sciences program:

  • A baccalaureate degree from a fully accredited institution of higher learning in an area pertaining to Biomedical Sciences (i.e., Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Health Sciences).
  • A targeted undergraduate grade point average of 3.0.
  • GRE exam (subject tests are not required)
  • Belonging to a underrepresented group (Appalachian, African-American, Hispanic-American, Native-American, disabled)

All applications must submit and an EKU Bridge program application and apply to the EKU Graduate School (admission to the EKU Graduate School is required for entry in the Bridge program).  Two (2) letters of recommendation are required.

Application deadline for Fall semester:  June 1. 

Application deadline for Spring semester:  November 1.

Additional information,including the EKU Graduate School application and Bridge Program application, can be found at: