Postdoctoral Development Seminar Series

The Postdoctoral Development Seminar Series is held monthly and allows a time for Postdoctoral Scholars to convene for the opportunity of hearing from professionals in various avenues of biomedical research concerning their careers and skills which they developed to aide in their ultimate success in their chosen career paths. These seminars are typically held in the afternoons and are open to senior level graduate students and postdocs.

Announcements are sent out through the Postdoctoral Listserv and are listed here as well.

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Fall 2013

September 18th, 2013 October 16th, 2013 December 1, 2013 
Nursing 501 C
Dr. Scott Diamond
HS Science Teacher The Learning Center at Linlee
Fayette County Public Schools

Title: “A Postdoctoral pathway to Science Education”
Nursing 501 C
Nathan Billings, JD
Lexington, KY

Mr. Billings speaks to groups concerning leadership practice and gives motivational talks to individuals concerning career discovery. Mr. Billings' firm is involved in many facets of corporate and industry law.
Nursing 501 C
Dr. Debasish (Joy) Ghosh
Manager-Research and Development Molecular Sciences Ferm Solutions Inc.
Danville, Kentucky

Title: “Know your goal: a smart way to transition and apply your academic experience to industrial research”