Integrated Biomedical Sciences

The Integrated Biomedical Sciences (IBS) is an undifferentiated first-year core curriculum that serves as the entry point for six doctoral programs housed in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Students are admitted to IBS and, at the end of the IBS year, select their doctoral programs in one of these basic science departments:

Toxicology and Cancer Biology
Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences 
Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry

IBS provides exposure to cellular and molecular concepts in the biomedical sciences, development of interdisciplinary approaches necessary for innovative research, and flexibility in choosing a research emphasis among 186 faculty in six departments. As part of IBS, students complete coursework, engage in biomedical research through laboratory rotations that facilitate selection of a dissertation mentor, and participate in research seminars. The IBS curriculum is designed for students beginning graduate studies in the fall semester.

For specific questions or any information not available on the IBS web site, please contact us by either using the Contact Form, e-mailing us at, or by calling us at (859) 218-6745 or toll free at (866) 239-0004. We look forward to hearing from you!