IBS Spring Curriculum

TOX 600: Ethics in Scientific Research (1)

Offered in conjunction with the Graduate Program in Toxicology, TOX 600 provides an overview of ethical issues in scientific research for Graduate Students in the College of Medicine.  

IBS 603: Cell Biology & Cell Signaling(3)
An introductory graduate level course that is focused on a number of topics related to cell biology including cell types and cell architecture/organization, membrane structure, cytoskeleton, nucleus, and mitochondria.  Aspects of development, cell division, cell cycle, and apoptosis will also be discussed with an emphasis on signaling pathways controlling these processes.  Prerequisites: CHE 105 and 107, CHE 230 and 232, BIO 150 and 152, or equivalents.  
IBS 606: Physiological Communications (3)
An introductory graduate-level course that considers the function of the mammalian organism from a perspective ranging from cells to organs, with an emphasis on physiological communication between organ systems.  The course is organized into 3 sections that include: (a) overview of basic physiological mechanisms maintaining homeostasis and mechanisms of endocrine communication via the bloodstream, (b) mechanisms of cell to cell communication by the immune system, and (c) mechanisms of neural communication.  Prerequisites:  IBS601 and IBS02.
IBS 607: Seminar in Integrated Biomedical Sciences (0)
A weekly seminar devoted to the presentation and discussion of classic and new research. May be repeated. Two semesters required as part of IBS Curriculum. Prerequisites: Admission to IBS Curriculum.
IBS 608: Special Topics in IBS (2)
A graduate level course comprised of ½ credit mini-courses, each meeting for one hour/week for seven weeks, with each student participating in four mini-courses during the semester.  Each mini-course will focus on a specific topic or area of research that is ongoing at UK or is particularly timely/exciting, and taught by faculty in the seven IBS departments.  Up to ten mini-courses will be offered; students will be expected to sign up for six mini-courses in order of preference and will be assigned to four mini-courses. Prerequisites:  IBS601 and IBS02. 
IBS 609: Research in Integrated Biomedical Sciences (3)
Individualized laboratory and research experience under the supervision of a faculty member. Two semesters required as part of IBS Curriculum. Prerequisites: Admission to IBS Curriculum and consent of instructor.
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