Jazmyne Barney

Jazmyne Barney came to UK after attending University of Cincinnati and graduating with a chemistry degree in 2014. She grew up in Cleveland, OH. After taking a year off to work in the toxicology industry, she decided to pursue her PhD here at UK. "I was attracted to UK’s toxicology program as it would offer an interdisciplinary training experience." Growing up Jazmyne wanted to initially be a pediatrician, but decided her real passion was in biological sciences. Her current research gives her time in the lab studying the liver. "My research seeks to determine the mechanisms by which an injured liver can worsen the toxicity induced by environmental pollutants and ultimately increase the risk of heart disease. I also study whether increased consumption of fruits and vegetables can mitigate these effects."

When not in the lab studying and researching, Jazmyne is active in the BGSO as the secretary, the Superfund Research Center Translation Core Intern, a Lyman T. Johnson Fellow and Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives. She loves to travel and learn about new cultures. "My husband and I also lead the Young Professionals Ministry at our church which is both spiritually and mentally rewarding. "

After completing her PhD, Jazmyne hopes to be an industry toxicologist working for a consumer products or food and beverage company.