Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events for the OBE August 20th



  1.    NIH Career Symposium Experience
  2.     Dr. Daryl Richie of Novartis
  3.      WIMS and WINGS
  4.     Autumn Immunology Conference



1. NIH Career Symposium Experience


When: August 31st

Where: BBSRB 202A


Description:   Join us for a discussion from students who attended the NIH Career Symposium in the spring as they discuss their experiences. Lunch will be provided to RSVP to abvickery@uky.edu by 8/24/18


2.  Dr. Daryl Richie of Novartis

When: September 5th 9am to 10:30 am

Where: NURS213


Description: Join Dr. Daryl Richie for a discussion on the highs and lows of industry jobs. Light breakfast to be served RSVP by 9/3/18 to abvickery@uky.edu






When: September 26th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Where: Buffalo Wild Sings at 1080 South Broadway


Description: An evening of networking Q&A over wings for women faculty, medical students, graduate students, postdoc trainees and residents of UKCOM. Appetizers will be provided.


4.Autumn Immunology Conference


When: November 16-19th

Where: Chicago, Il


Description:  Meet the Speakers Session - Fri. 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. An opportunity for current graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to

interact in small, roundtable groups with the speakers. An excellent opportunity to ask questions and get advice from senior scientists.

There is a strict limit of 36 attendees, so register early!

Oral and Poster Presentations - Authors of accepted abstracts are programmed for short oral presentations in one of 20 thematic

workshops (held Sat. and Sun. 2 PM to 4:15 PM) and a poster presentation during evening receptions (held Sat and Sun. 4:15 PM

to 6:15 PM) designed to foster open scientific discussion in a casual environment. Abstract Submission deadline: Sept 21, 2018.

Undergraduate Program - Undergraduate students submitting abstracts are scheduled for poster presentations (Sat, 4:15 – 6:15

PM) and can opt for an oral presentation. Undergraduate students can also be nominated by their research advisors to attend a

“Careers in Immunology Workshop” featuring immunologists in academia and industry describing career opportunities in Immunology.

Deadline for nomination of undergraduate students: Sept 21, 2018.

John Wallace Diversity Program – Provides scholarship support and networking opportunities for highly qualified pre- and

post-doctoral trainees who belong to minority groups under-represented in science (eligibility based on NIH criteria). Deadline for

nomination of minority students: Sep 21, 2018.


Visit http://www.autumnimmunologyconference.org for more information, and to register