Identification and characterization of bacterial cysteine dioxygenases: a new route of cysteine degradation for eubacteria.

Nanofabricated quartz cylinders for angular trapping: DNA supercoiling torque detection.

Discovery and characterization of a second mammalian thiol dioxygenase, cysteamine dioxygenase.

A genomic and expression compendium of the expanded PEBP gene family from maize.

Modeling chromatographic dispersion: a comparison of popular equations.

A putative Fe2+-bound persulfenate intermediate in cysteine dioxygenase.

Cysteine dioxygenase: a robust system for regulation of cellular cysteine levels.

A synthetic protein selected for ligand binding affinity mediates ATP hydrolysis.

Expression of SORL1 and a novel SORL1 splice variant in normal and Alzheimers disease brain.

Thiol dioxygenases: unique families of cupin proteins.