Divergent action potential morphologies reveal nonequilibrium properties of human cardiac Na channels.

Regulation of L-type Ca2+ channel activity and insulin secretion by the Rem2 GTPase.

L-type calcium channel alpha-subunit and protein kinase inhibitors modulate Rem-mediated regulation of current.

Analyses of Rem/RGK signaling and biological activity.

Analysis of the complex between Ca2+ channel beta-subunit and the Rem GTPase.

The developing cardiac myocyte: maturation of excitability and excitation-contraction coupling.

Calcium handling in embryonic stem cell-derived cardiac myocytes: of mice and men.

Chronic verapamil treatment remodels ICa,L in mouse ventricle.

Plasma membrane targeting is essential for Rem-mediated Ca2+ channel inhibition.

Calmodulin binding is dispensable for Rem-mediated Ca2+ channel inhibition.