Mechanism of hsp70i gene bookmarking.

Transactivation of the parathyroid hormone promoter by specificity proteins and the nuclear factor Y complex.

Detection of sumoylated proteins.

Gene bookmarking: keeping the pages open.

Identification of the PP2A-interacting region of heat shock transcription factor 2.

HSF1-TPR interaction facilitates export of stress-induced HSP70 mRNA.

HSF2 binds to the Hsp90, Hsp27, and c-Fos promoters constitutively and modulates their expression.

Celastrol inhibits polyglutamine aggregation and toxicity though induction of the heat shock response.

Physiological fever temperature induces a protective stress response in T lymphocytes mediated by heat shock factor-1 (HSF1).

MEL-18 interacts with HSF2 and the SUMO E2 UBC9 to inhibit HSF2 sumoylation.