Contact Biomedical Education

Dr. Rebecca E. Dutch, Professor
Associate Dean for Biomedical Education
(859) 323-1795
Dr. Dutch oversees all aspects of the Office of Biomedical Education, including programs for postdoctoral scholars, COM graduate programs, and COM undergraduate educational efforts.

Dr. Michael Kilgore, Professor
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education and Research
(859) 323-1821
Dr. Kilgore supervises undergraduate education and research initiatives in the College.  

Dr. Brett Spear, Professor
Director of Graduate Study, IBS Program
(859) 257-5167
Dr. Spear is the faculty lead and liason to the IBS Program. Dr. Spear handles requests from students and mentors on advisement regarding academic issues and laboratory rotations.  

Dr. Melinda E. Wilson, Professor
Director of Graduate Study, Master in Medical Science Program
(859) 323-9618
Dr. Wilson is the faculty lead and liaison to the MSMS Program.  Dr. Wilson handles requests from students and faculty concerning the academic aspects of the MSMS Program.  

Dr. Gregory Frolenkov, Professor
Chair, Trainees in Research Advisory Committee (TRAC)
(859) 323-8729
In his role as Chair of TRAC, Dr. Frolenkov provides oversight to the various events and activities of the research trainees program. Dr. Frolenkov also chairs monthly meetings of the TRAC and leads initiatives throughout the College on behalf of all COM basic science trainees.  

Jennifer Kennedy, Academic Coordinator and Educational IBU Manager
Office of Biomedical Education Manager
(859) 323-0004

Ashley Vickery, Administrative Support Associate I
(859) 218-6747

Bridget Szczapinski, Administrative Support Associate I
(859) 218-6745

Stacy Smith, Scientist I
Program Development Liaison for Undergraduate Biomedical Education
(859) 218-2879
Ms. Smith provides support to the Associate Dean for Biomedical Education in the development of the forthcoming  Undergraduate curriculum in Biomedical Education offered through the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.