Research at a Glance

  • The University of Kentucky has developed several research strengths, particularly in therapeutic areas that have high prevalence in Kentucky.  These strengths include research into cancer, substance abuse, neurological diseases and cardiovascular sciences.
  • University of Kentucky is part of an elite group of medical centers across the country who have earned the "trifecta" of national federal funding. UK is one of only 22 medical centers in the United States that have earned an NCI designation, have a federally funded Alzheimer's disease center (UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging), and have earned the Clinical and Translational Science Awards grants.
  • The COM has a total of approximately 260,000 net assignable square feet (NASF) of research space that is primarily distributed in 6 non-contiguous buildings that span the entire breadth of the expansive University of Kentucky medical center.  
  • During FY15, total grant awards have delivered $122.5M to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, an 18.0%  increase from FY14's $103.8M.    Of that $122.5M, NIH awarded the University of Kentucky College of Medicine $67.8M, an 8.7% increase compared to FY 14.  The College of Medicine awards total 42.9% of the total awards at the University of Kentucky.