Postdoctoral Openings

Below are listed curernt postdoctoral openings within our deparments. Please follow each posting's instructions to apply.

Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Rina Plattner
Position: Postdoctoral
Description: A postdoctoral scholar position is available in the laboratory of Rina Plattner, Ph.D. within the Markey Cancer Center and Department of Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences at the University of Kentucky School of Medicine. The successful applicant will be involved in NIH/NCI-funded research focused on understanding mechanisms of melanoma metastasis and resistance to current therapies, with the overall long-term goal of identifying novel targets to reverse or prevent drug resistance. Representative publications from the laboratory can be found in Oncogene (in press; Jain et al.), Oncogene 2014 (33:4508), and Oncogene 2012 (31:1804). Applicants who are permanent U.S. residents, will given the opportunity to compete for a 3-year training fellowship in Cancer Biology (T32 in Cancer Biology). T32 trainees are mentored by interdisciplinary teams of basic and clinician scientists. They are given the opportunity to participate in clinical shadowing and interact with distinguished visiting seminar speakers, and benefit from guidance in developing grant writing skills, as well as career planning and development.
Requirements: Highly-motivated candidates with a recent PhD or MD/PhD in biomedical sciences, experience in molecular biology and biochemical techniques, and strong publication record are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to applicants with prior experience with animal models of tumor development and/or metastasis.
To apply: Apply on-line via the UK Jobs portal

Dr. Yadi Wu, Markey Cancer Center
Position: Postdoctoral
Description: We are currently seeking a highly skilled and motivated postdoctoral researcher in signal transduction in cancer. The postdoctoral candidate will be involved in research to develop new strategies to targeting breast cancer metastasis. This will examine mechanisms of tumor metastasis.
Requirements: Applicants should have a doctoral-level degree with solid background of biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology. A strong publication record and communication skills are plus.
To apply: Contact Dr. Wu  via e-mail at 

Dr. Changcheng Zhou, Saha Cardiovascular Research Center
Position: Postdoctoral
Description: NIH-funded postdoctoral positions with competitive salaries and benefits are available to study the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and metabolic dysfunctions.  Our laboratory mainly focuses on the role of NF-kB (J Exp Med, 2014) and nuclear receptor signaling (Mol Endocrinol 2015JAHA2014) in the pathogenesis of cardiometabolic disease including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
Requirements: Doctoral degree in molecular biology, biochemistry or related field, and strong background in cell culture, biochemical and molecular biology techniques and small animal model systems.  Preference will be given to candidates with research experience in studying lipid homeostasis and atherosclerosis.  Ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team is essential.
To apply: Applicants should send a CV, a brief research statement, and the names/contact information of three people who could provide letters of reference to Dr. Zhou via e-mail at

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Dr. Matthew S. GentryCenter for Stuctural Biology
 Postdoctoral Fellow
Description: A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Gentry (, in the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry and Center for Structural Biology in the College of Medicine at University of Kentucky. The successful candidate will carry out an independent project on the mechanisms of Lafora disease and neurodegeneration and/or proteins involved in reversible (de)phosphorylation of plant starch using structural biology and biophysical techniques. The lab has a strong record of high impact papers with multiple recent publications in Molecular Cell, The Plant Cell, and PNAS with funding from both the NIH and NSF. Competitive salary will be based on qualifications. The project is funded through 2020.
Requirements: Applicants should have a strong background in molecular biology, protein purification, enzyme assays, and protein crystallization. Experience with x-ray diffraction, x-ray collection, and x-ray crystal structure determination is a plus, but not required. The successful applicant will be a highly motivated individual with good communication skills, interest and experience in biochemistry/structural biology in the arena of cell signaling, will have a proven publication record, and the ability to work independently. The applicant must currently have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry or a related field.
To apply: E-mail a single PDF containing a CV, 1-2 page summary of past research accomplishments, and contact information for three references to with the subject heading “postdoc.”

Cardiac Physiology and Signal Transduction

Dr. Jon Satin and Dr. Doug Andres, Saha Cardiovascular Research Center
Position: Postdoctoral Position
Description: One NIH funded Post-doctoral position available immediately to study small G-protein regulation of L-type calcium channel current.  We are seeking self-motivated ambitious researchers to investigate molecular mechanisms of calcium entry and their role in health and disease. The focus will be on the characterization of novel G-protein signaling pathways that are involved in Ca2+ channel regulation of cardiovascular function. Our research team uses an integrative approach that involves cell and molecular biology, electrophysiological, and in vivo mouse studies.
Requirements: Self-motivated individuals with a Ph.D. or equivalent advanced degree are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate must have a solid publication record and evidence of excellent skills in molecular and cellular physiology. Previous experience with cardiomyocyte cell culture, lenti- or retro-viruses, or electrophysiology is preferred. Salary is competitive and includes benefits. Applicants should submit a resume and contact information for three references.
To apply: E-mail application materials with heading "postdoc" to and