Dutch Lab People

Edita Klimyte - MD/PhD student

Edita joined Becky’s lab July 2012. She is originally from Lithuania and received her BS in Biochemistry and BA in Spanish from Michigan State University.

Research Interests:  1. Analysis of viral entry, focused on determining whether HMPV utilizes the cellular endosomal pathway as the main entry pathway. 2. Analysis of membrane fusion promoted by the Human metapneumovirus (HMPV) F protein and the role of low pH in F protein triggering.  3. Role of integrins in HMPV entry.

Stacy Smith

Stacy joined Becky’s lab in 2005 and serves as the lab manager. Stacy has a MS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Tennessee.

Research Interests:  Analyzing interactions within the transmembrane domain of the Hendra fusion protein utilizing analytical ultracentrifugation.


Stacy Webb - PhD student

Stacy joined the IBS program in 2011 and subsequently joined Becky’s lab in May 2012.  She received her BS in Chemistry from Kentucky Wesleyan College. 

Research Interests:  Research Interests:  1. Role of TM-TM interactions in fusion and viral entry. 2. Structural characterization of the transmembrane domain of Hendra F. 3. Analysis of transmembrane domain-lipid interactions.

Farah El Najjar - PhD student

Farah joined the IBS program in 2010 and Becky’s lab in May 2011. She received her BS in Medical Lab in 2007 and MS in Biochemistry in 2012.

Research Interests: 1. Characterization of paramyxovirus fusion protein expression and function in novel bat cell lines. 2. Investigation of late events in HMPV replication cycle.


Andrea Eastes - Undergraduate

Andrea is a sophomore from Paducah, KY, double majoring in Agricultural Biotechnology and Chemistry. After graduating in May 2016, Andrea plans on going to graduate school.  She is excited to be spending summer 2014 at the University of California, San Francisco to participate in the Summer Research Training Program.

Research Interests: Andrea is focusing on the role of the matrix protein (M) of HMPV in viral assembly by comparing the protein interactions and localization of a tagged version of the protein to the wild-type.

Bushra Manzar - Undergraduate

Born in Staten Island, NY, Bushra spent most of her life in Clinton, IA. She is currently a senior studying Biosystems Engineering with a specialization in Pre-med at the University of KY. She joined Dr. Dutch’s lab in August 2013. Bushra plans on attending medical school after graduating in May 2015.

Research Interests: Bushra is currently exploring the effects of HMPV-M mutagenesis on cellular localization and virus-like particle formation.


Tamas Nagy - Undergraduate

Tamas is majoring in Biochemistry and Applied Mathematics.

Research Interests: Tamas is exploring the conservation of the role of transmembrane domains in the enveloped fusion process.



Cara Pager - PhD

SUNY Albany - Assistant Professor

Mark Wurth - MD/PhD

Vanderbilt University - Fellow

Rachel Showalter - PhD

National Institute of Health - Post Doctoral Fellow

Andres Chang - MD/PhD

 Emory University - Residency

Clint Smith - PhD

 Vanderbilt University - Post Doctoral Fellow

Andreea Popa - PhD

Yale University - Post Doctoral Fellow

Brent Hackett - PhD

University of Pennsylvania - Post Doctoral Fellow

Jim Carter - PhD

Notre Dame University - Post Doctoral Fellow