Learn about our program through the voice of our students! 
 Aaron Brown
 M.S.M.S. Graduate, Spring 2013
 D.M.D. Student, University of Lousiville, Class of 2018

"During the M.S.M.S. graduate program at UK, I had the opportunity to take courses taught by faculty from the Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry, study alongside with other graduate/professional students, and get involved with biomedical research, all of which adequately prepared me for the rigorous academic demands of dental school.  As a result of the M.S.M.S. program, I enhanced my professional and research abilities, become a stronger and more efficient student, and gained invaluable relationships with the director, mentors, and instructors which I can utilize throughout my academic and professional development in dentistry.  Pursuing the M.S.M.S. degree at UK was an investment that has been highly rewarding both academically and professionally."
 Justin Welden
 Former M.S.M.S. Student
 Ph.D. Student in Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry

"I pursued the M.S.M.S program to prepare me for the Ph.D. program. The course curriculum was valuable, as it helped me apply my knowledge in the lab and gave me a better understanding of what was being taught and prepared me for a successful transition into the Ph.D. program."
 Elisa Willems
 M.S.M.S. Graduate, Fall 2015
 M.S.P.A. Student, South University

"I pursued the M.S.M.S. program to complete prerequisite classes while ensuring that I had a thorough and higher-level understanding of fundamental aspects of medical science before applying to Physician Assistant school. The program’s curriculum, together with review and analysis of journal articles and preparation of my own master’s research paper, helped me achieve that goal. Now that I have been accepted to PA school, I certainly feel the M.S.M.S. program gave me the knowledge, experience and study skills to excel."
Katie McKenna
Former M.S.M.S. Student
Ph.D. Student in Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics, University of Kentucky, Class of 2017

"As a master’s student, I was able to participate in a challenging curriculum that helped prepare me for a Ph.D. program and direct my research interests towards my field of study. The M.S.M.S. program allows students to individually direct their education to best suit their own personal goals; a characteristic that is very appealing to many students. I was grateful to find a program that focused my track towards biomedical sciences that will also benefit my future career in research."
 Spencer Delfino
 M.S.M.S. Graduate, Spring 2017
 University of Louisville School of Medicine, Class of 2021

"Having the opportunity to serve in Haiti after graduating college revealed my passion for medicine. However, due to a lack of focus and maturity during undergrad, I knew if I wanted to achieve my dream of becoming a physician that I would have to demonstrate my growth in character and academic capacity. The M.S.M.S. program was the perfect forum by which to accomplish this; offering a tailorable curriculum consisting of courses representative of the professional school. In turn, the M.S.M.S. program equipped me with a foundation of knowledge and an academic and personal skill set that will enable me to overcome the challenges in and out of the classroom during and after medical school."